So my daughter always asks me to make her stuff, and normally she’ll wear it but lately she hasn’t and it’s getting so frustrating! Staying up late and putting off other projects to make her things, to have her try them on and immediately take them off. At least she humors me and tries them on. The fit is usually good, and I take the time to make sure the measurements are right.

*sigh* Anyone else have this issue who makes clothes for their kids? I had a whole list of things to make her, but have decided against it since it’ll be a waste of fabric and time.

The past 2 days I’ve made her a Geranium tunic, Go To Leggings, and even some new underwear.  She gets to pick out the fabric, so she has some investment in the items. Hoping this is just a phase since she used to wear what I made her all the time. Mama is sad.

A Little Woodworking

My husband like to build us things, and so when we found a cheap band saw at Home Depot we had to get it. We’ve been experimenting more with Waldorf education and I’ve been wanting to get the kids some nice wooden toys but the prices are always so steep. Enter the husband. He came up with this fire stacker, based on the Grimm’s company one. He did the cutting and I did the painting, I think it came out pretty well.

He also made the kids birthday spirals and rings for a few of my friends. The tradition is you put in the number of candles for the age as well as some little wooden figures/animals/items to represent your child that year. We bought the figures from The Wooden Wagon, as well as the candle holders and candles.

One other thing he made that the kids love is a balance board. The tutorial came from this site, and took him less than a half an hour to complete. We just used scrap wood laying around, so the cost was pretty much nil.

Turkey Day

Every year I make up these shirts for my kids. The turkey pattern came from The Cottage Home.  My son wore  his all day, my daughter refused to wear hers for more than the picture (she’s in a phase where she’ll only wear the same 3 items of clothing, the shirt wasn’t one of them). The t-shirts are from Gap, bought at their super clearance sale before Thanksgiving so they were actually a reasonable price rather than $100 a shirt.


Margaret Bags Finished!

Friday I mailed out the last of the Margaret Bags. So happy to have these off to their new homes. For those of you who are new to the blog, I had a friend who lost her daughter to SIDS and because she was so helpful to me during the traumatic birth of my son I decided to collaborate with a local artist to make some beautiful bags.

Shanna from Shanna’s Tie Dye, who is also a military spouse, helped me out by donating her time to dye over 10 yards of fabric for these bags. Her work is absolutely beautiful. The pattern was from Fishsticks Designs, The Mama Baby Bag, and the accent fabric was black Kona cotton. One bag, I did use a different pattern. Every now and then I test patterns for Sara at Sew Sweetness and I had the pleasure of testing The Aragon Bag. You can find the post that I did on it here.

I wanted to thank everyone who bought a bag, and supported me throughout this process, especially my family and Shanna. Check out some of the photos from the journey below and come check out my page on Facebook to see what I’m working on daily.

Keep Checking Back…

We have been so busy this last month, and as always I didn’t intend to let a month and a half go by without updating the blog. But, such is life when the days just keep on coming. I have lots of things to add but have a lot of sewing work to do right now for the business and for the kids. Keep checking back and I’ll update here as soon as I can. Thanks for sticking with us!

Not a Night Owl

I have this long list of things to do and seemingly not enough time to do it. Wondering what’s on my plate? This is what I need to accomplish before the end of the year.

*Finish the last 5 Margaret Bags

*Turkey Shirts for both kids before Thanksgiving

*Birthday shirts for both kids (one by mid Dec the other beginning of Jan)

*Messenger bags for both kids for solstice gifts

*Tester pattern (this Sunday!!!)

*Guest blog post for another blog (mid Dec)

*Finish daughters 4T wardrobe by her birthday (shirts, pants, skirt and PJs)

Oy. I think I even forgot some things but my official list is in my sewing room.


Sew Sweetness Aragon Bag-Tester Bag, Margaret Tribute

One of the things I love doing is testing sewing patterns, especially for bags. I’m a sucker for that feeling that no one else (ok, well, they have other testers) knows what the bag is or how it sews up. Feels elite to me.

Sara at Sew Sweetness always has amazing patterns, even her free tutorials are great. She writes clear and consistent directions. Some of her bags have advanced sewing techniques, or what I would consider advanced, but lots can be done by a novice.

I got the honor of testing the Aragon Bag, and the minute I saw it I got an idea. My long time friend from Jax offered to buy a Margaret Bag literally minutes after I posted that I would be sewing them up. She really wanted to help out the Palmer Family, but didn’t quite know how. I had already sewn up a Mama Baby Bag for her when she had her second baby and thought she might like something different. Using the tie dye fabric from Shanna’s Tie Dye, with the same black accents I got to sew up this cute bag.

The Aragon Bag features a lining that is bound with bias tape so you don’t have to worry about hand sewing or doing some funky stuff. This part really got me, I have little patience for fussy stuff and with the layers involved in sewing the bias to the seams tried my patience. I really love how it turned out. Originally I wanted to make my own bias tape (I have done this in the past) out of the tie dye, but being the procrastinator that I am I didn’t get a chance to make some so I just used ready-made black.

Aside from that fussy part, the pattern was very straight forward. She used a different method for making zip pockets than I had learned, instead of using 2 pieces and sewing them together at the end she just used 1 and measured out the placement on that one piece for the zipper. I don’t prefer one over the other, but liked learning a different technique. There was supposed to be an additional zip pocket on the interior but I some how only cut out 1, so I opted for just a slip pocket for a cell phone or something similar.

If you need an alternative for a diaper bag, or just a big purse with lots of pockets, the Aragon bag is for you!

DSC_1526 DSC_1527