Quilting-Craftsy BOM Style

I’ve always wanted to try quilting, but never had the time to take a class at a studio or really knew where to start. Enter Craftsy! I pretty much heart Craftsy. I’m pretty certain you can learn anything on there. From quilting to cake decorating, they have it all. If it’s craft oriented that probably have a pattern or a class or even supplies. Now, I haven’t ordered anything from them besides a pattern and done their classes so I’m not sure if they’re reasonable for notions or fabric (I might have to check that out now), but they routinely do sales on their classes, plus offer free ones, like the yearly Block of the Month (BOM).

I’m currently working on the BOM for 2012. I looked through the one for this year, and watched a few of the videos but I didn’t like the way the woman presented for this year, or her quilt block designs. Last years seemed so much more simple and clean, more for beginners who want to learn the basic techniques.

Right now I’m working on the first block from February of that year, a little slow, but when you’ve got other projects going on the “fun” stuff gets put on the back burner.

Quilting is going to be good for my sewing. I need to be precise in my seam allowance, pressing and piecing. I tend to rush through things (not just with sewing but everything), so this forces me to slow down and make sure everything is lining up right.

Here are a few photos of the blocks I’ve been working on, hopefully after I finish this current month I can get a photo of my first 4 blocks together.


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