Sauder Sewing and Craft Table Review

We are forever working on a more minimalist living over here, and I really thought our office/sewing room could use a revamp. Mostly getting rid of the giant craft/sewing table that my husband made me a few years ago. He built it off of plans from Ana White. It had been refinished and finally what I wanted, but the size was just too big. We never know where we’re going to be living, which means smaller more versatile furniture is better. Also, being counter height, my back was forever hurting after a long day of sewing. I needed something that I could be more comfortable with sitting for hours if need be. The craft table had to go.

IMG_2138 IMG_2142


There were a lot of options thrown around, including another sewing table from Ana’s site, this one. But the one issue I have with my husband making stuff is the time that it takes away from our family, and then I usually have to finish whatever it is and I’m not the most patient of people. After some searching I found the Sauder Sewing and Craft Table at (cheapest I could find), which was about what we were looking to spend. Some of our other options, while building it would have been preferred would have been a bit more expensive since we’d be using solid wood.

Shipping didn’t take too long and we had the table fairly quickly, within a week. I put it together myself, and that took about an hour with no help. The directions were actually easy to read and all of the parts were there. None of the pieces had broken during shipping, though while I was assembling it one of the pieces cracked from tightening a screw too much.

I like this table because it can close up, and be concealed. Both my serger and my machine fit away as well as my most used sewing items that are stored in the bins on the main door. I can also keep my power cords plugged in until I need the machine, and then I plug it in ready to go.

I do have some issues with the table. One is that only a couple of the wheels have locks, and flimsy ones at that. Even when they are locked I can push on the table and it will move. I usually butt it up against the wall to prevent this. The other issue is the width of the table. The length is very long with the leaf up, but the depth isn’t quite big enough (~20″) to hold my large cutting mat that is 36″. I would really like to be able to have that full depth to not have to rearrange larger pieces.

Otherwise this table has been pretty useful and a deal for $80. Definitely worth it in my book. While not solid wood, the lightweight construction makes it easy to wheel around the house if need be.

IMG_2695 IMG_2696 IMG_2697


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