So my daughter always asks me to make her stuff, and normally she’ll wear it but lately she hasn’t and it’s getting so frustrating! Staying up late and putting off other projects to make her things, to have her try them on and immediately take them off. At least she humors me and tries them on. The fit is usually good, and I take the time to make sure the measurements are right.

*sigh* Anyone else have this issue who makes clothes for their kids? I had a whole list of things to make her, but have decided against it since it’ll be a waste of fabric and time.

The past 2 days I’ve made her a Geranium tunic, Go To Leggings, and even some new underwear.  She gets to pick out the fabric, so she has some investment in the items. Hoping this is just a phase since she used to wear what I made her all the time. Mama is sad.


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