Sew Sweetness Aragon Bag-Tester Bag, Margaret Tribute

One of the things I love doing is testing sewing patterns, especially for bags. I’m a sucker for that feeling that no one else (ok, well, they have other testers) knows what the bag is or how it sews up. Feels elite to me.

Sara at Sew Sweetness always has amazing patterns, even her free tutorials are great. She writes clear and consistent directions. Some of her bags have advanced sewing techniques, or what I would consider advanced, but lots can be done by a novice.

I got the honor of testing the Aragon Bag, and the minute I saw it I got an idea. My long time friend from Jax offered to buy a Margaret Bag literally minutes after I posted that I would be sewing them up. She really wanted to help out the Palmer Family, but didn’t quite know how. I had already sewn up a Mama Baby Bag for her when she had her second baby and thought she might like something different. Using the tie dye fabric from Shanna’s Tie Dye, with the same black accents I got to sew up this cute bag.

The Aragon Bag features a lining that is bound with bias tape so you don’t have to worry about hand sewing or doing some funky stuff. This part really got me, I have little patience for fussy stuff and with the layers involved in sewing the bias to the seams tried my patience. I really love how it turned out. Originally I wanted to make my own bias tape (I have done this in the past) out of the tie dye, but being the procrastinator that I am I didn’t get a chance to make some so I just used ready-made black.

Aside from that fussy part, the pattern was very straight forward. She used a different method for making zip pockets than I had learned, instead of using 2 pieces and sewing them together at the end she just used 1 and measured out the placement on that one piece for the zipper. I don’t prefer one over the other, but liked learning a different technique. There was supposed to be an additional zip pocket on the interior but I some how only cut out 1, so I opted for just a slip pocket for a cell phone or something similar.

If you need an alternative for a diaper bag, or just a big purse with lots of pockets, the Aragon bag is for you!

DSC_1526 DSC_1527

Margaret Bags

Ive completed the first two “Margaret” Bags and they’re so cute. It makes me smile to work with the fabric, it’s so bright and cheerful which I imagine Margaret would have been like. I didn’t get a chance to meet her as we had moved from Jacksonville, but from the pictures I have seen she was all smiles.

If you don’t remember these bags were made in memory of Margaret Palmer, she was 2 months when she passed and will never be forgotten. Heather, her mama, was my doula for my son’s birth which left me down and broken. She really helped me tremendously through my post partum until we had to leave for Guam.

I’m slow going on the bags. I work on them when I can and when the other WAHM has time to dye for me. Shanna is amazing in her own right and you should definitely check her out over at Shanna’s Tie Dye on Etsy and she also has a Facebook page. She’s another military wife and mama to 4 boys.

Details about the bags: Black Kona Cotton accents/interior and main fabric Kona Cotton white dyed by Shanna. Pattern is by Fishsticks Designs, the Mama Baby Bag.

You can also keep up to date on my goings on from my Facebook page, The Nomadic Sewist.

Photos here, since I apparently deleted them from my computer.