The Margaret Bag

There are people who pass in and out of our lives, touching our hearts for good or bad. One such person who helped our family in an amazing way is my doula from my son’s birth, Heather Palmer. Heather felt like a long time friend the first time I met her, and I immediately knew that she was the doula I wanted. I knew her reputation before I met her, that she was a birth knowledge guru and knew the Hypnobabies phrases by memory. She was exactly what I needed. My home birth turned hospital c-section followed severe hemorrhage and a short stint in the ICU was difficult, and that’s putting it lightly. She was there running errands, bringing things to the hospital, helping me come up with a plan for pumping and nursing. Heather takes her job as a doula very seriously, and her commitment to her clients really shines.

On August 5th, Heather and her family lost 2 month old Margaret. She is survived by both of her parents, and 3 older sisters.

The Palmer family needs some support. Not only emotionally, and physically but monetarily as well.

While I can’t give much at the moment as we aren’t in Jacksonville, and our finances are tight, but there is one thing I can do. Sew. I’m offering up, in collaboration with Shanna’s Tie Dye, a special edition of the Mama Baby Bag (pattern by Fishsticks Designs). You can see the fabric here. So far 6 bags have been ordered and the first ones are almost ready to be cut. All profits from these bags will be donated to the Palmer family to help out with expenses.

If you would like to help out the Palmer family you can check out the Facebook page to find out how you can contribute.



One thought on “The Margaret Bag

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