Charmed Liebling Smart Messenger Tester

I was excited to be picked to be a tester for another bag pattern. Anna over at Charmed Liebling had a pattern for the  Smart Messenger Bag to test and I jumped at the chance. I thought it would be the perfect bag for my husband to take some snacks and his iPad to class along with a water bottle or coffee. The pattern was easy to follow and though I like my bags a little bigger I think my husband will really like this.

The outside is black canvas with US Navy Aviator wings embroidered on the flap. The bag is interfaced with By Annie’s Soft and Stable to make it a bit more substantial. I was skeptical at first of the S&S, especially because of the price, but I really like the way the final product comes out. I only wish they made a fusible version. The interior is Echino planes in gold/yellow which I thought paired nicely with the gold embroidery of the aviator wings.

So if you need a bag that is on the small/medium side that could be easily customizable I would definitely check out this pattern!

DSC_0990 DSC_0991


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