Tunics Three

Big A has been needing some long sleeve items for our move to CA, since most of the time the weather is cooler.

These tunics and leggings are from the Go To Leggings and Go To Signature Dress patterns. They were easy and quick to sew up. I’m not a fan of the kangaroo pocket, but it did look cute on when I made her wear it to mark the hem. She’s into rainbows right now, so that set was an immediate favorite.

The Go To patterns are nice because they include tips and trucks for sewing knits, which for a knit newbie was key. The directions are also clear and concise, making them easy to follow. I didn’t like the way the elastic waist was done, that technique was new to me, but I ended up doing it in a way that I felt comfortable.

I used a serger on most parts, but these patterns can be sewn without one. I also used a double needle for the first time (just too afraid before), which was easy and looked very professional. I will definitely use it again. The double needle was a bit challenging on the lighter weight knits, but after fiddling with it for a while I prevailed!

The shirring however…don’t even ask. Another post to come on shirring with my machine who hates shirring, and yes! It’s a Brother.

Fabrics were from Nature’s Fabrics, Fabric Stalkers (on Facebook), and Joann’s.



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