Late to the game

I browse Etsy sometimes when I have an idea for something and want to check out what other people are doing.

Do you ever have that feeling that there are just so many options out there that you may not be seen? I really don’t want to be huge, I like having time to sew for my family but I’d like to put out unique, quality items.

I’d really like to get into pattern design sometime soon, as I’m getting better at the nuances of bag sewing but moving around is hard work.

When you move often, especially overseas as all of our moves have been, it takes a few months on either end to get settled. We packed up and sent out the majority of our stuff last month, almost 2 months before we actually leave the island. This is so our things will be there close to when we arrive, and we’re able to have loaner furniture here (not available stateside for us). I was able to have my sewing things in a separate smaller shipment that will go out later this month but won’t arrive until close to May. Trade offs!

Then, there is the unpacking and setting up house. This takes time too. You’d think after 4 overseas moves I’d be better at this!

Part of me longs for roots, but I love experiencing life in other places (even if we don’t like the location). Some day, when it truly matters, we’ll be settled.


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