Review: Ben Franklin Crafts, Tamuning Guam

Not only is this a review on the local craft store, but a test of how well the WordPress app for iPhone works. I apologize if the post is a little wonky and will fix it when I’m at a computer.

On to the review!

Ben Franklin Crafts is the local catch all craft store here on Guam. From Cricut, to floral, and some fabrics/sewing it’s the best place on island to go for your craft needs. The mark-up is there, but they do give a 10% military discount which helps keep prices reasonable. I still prefer to order supplies online, but in a pinch they work.

I mainly go for sewing notions for last minute projects. They don’t get shipments very often, every 6-8 weeks and they never know what is coming in a shipment. They finally got a shipment of zippers, which had been frightfully lacking since we arrived on island 13 months ago.

The fabric selection definitely is lacking. Quilting cottons seem to be the majority of the fabrics with fleece (large selection for a place as warm as Guam), tulle, satins and cotton/poly blends. They also have flannel, but mostly in baby prints. While the number of options is surprisingly big, the quality and print selection is pitiful. No true 100% cotton solids, and prints that call to an older crowd. They do have some island prints as well, but not as many as Rahdi’s (review coming soon).

Overall, if you need something *now*, Ben Franklin isn’t too bad but snatch up something if you think you might need it…it might be the last you see it for a while. For price and selection, I still prefer to buy online (my fave shop reviews coming soon).

I have some more to add about their other craft items, and will update when not on a mobile device.

Store Details:
Ben Franklin Crafts
141 Serenu Ave (across from Infusion, right before Sugarnomics off of Marine Corps Dr)
I think the hours are 10:00am-7:00pm Open daily









One thought on “Review: Ben Franklin Crafts, Tamuning Guam

  1. There is a BEAD SHOP in Tamuning too…

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